Camu-Camu contains about 40 times as much vitamin C as oranges and other citrus fruits. Unlike synthetic vitamin C, Camu Camu contains a blend of natural minerals and amino acids that maximize the uptake of vitamin C. This penetrates very well into the skin thanks to its low molecular weight. Together with the vitamins A, D and E they stimulate the appearance of the skin. In this way, Camu Camu cream can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, brightens the skin and makes it look radiantly fresh.
The people from the rainforest also process the Camu-Camu fruit into a hair tonic, which eliminates split ends and gives the hair shine, power, vitality and a silky structure.
Not least because of these diverse positive characteristics, various high-priced cosmetic brands have discovered the “vitamin C miracle” as an ingredient for their premium brands.
Add Camu Camu to your (natural) cosmetic products and you will be amazed! You can, for example, apply Camu Camu to the hair and let it act. Or use Camu Camu for face care.
Another sensational cosmetic raw material from the Peruvian rainforest is Sacha Inchik, which can be described as the perfect anti-aging oil. Please visit our info page for Sacha Inchik!